What we Offer

some of the things that make us Stand out!

Our Staff

  • We Strive to keep the Servers we offer Civil.
  • that`s why we only recruit the best fitting Persons for our Staff Team!
  • You think you`re Fit for our Staff team?
  • Apply for a Staff Position in Our Forums today!

Heavily Customized

  • Our Development Team always wants to make the experience as outstanding as possible.
  • Most of our Plugins are Customized or even hand made!
  • To make sure everything works we have the best for LUA, JS and more.

Together with the Players!

  • The Player decides about the Success of a Server!
  • because of that we always reach out to them to make sure they can provide feedback.

Our Servers

some of our Outstanding Servers!

The Outstanding MilitaryRP - World War 3 AU Server

MilitaryRP always is the same. US vs RU, US vs Terrorists... We want to Change that in our heavily Customized MRP Scenario!

The Popular LawlessRP - DarkRP done right! Server

You hate it, that you always have 19383 Rules to follow in DarkRP? Join LawlessRP today, where RDM and more gets Handled Ingame


One of the Most played PVP Sandbox games!